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We have just released details of the first fruit of the Autumn crop of Qu shows including the first FORAGE. Get in touch if you wish to get involved (please note that acoustic guitars are banned).


Qu Junktions is a musical adventure operation based in Bristol, England. We tour, produce, curate and dream up ways of making music as alive and enthralling as possible. Established in 2004 by Mark Slater and Chiz Williams, it is now a three-way collaboration between Mark SlaterJohn Stevens and Joe Hatt.

Qu represents and works with a widescreen selection of artists focusing on musicians that do not fall into a recognised music pathway and require a more bespoke treatment. We all share a background putting up posters, tearing tickets and programming at the seminal, and still kicking, Cube Microplex in Bristol. Later we set up the annual Venn Festival, a parade of contrasting and conflicting musical overlap that housed hazy concepts and feats of audio daring. The visions produced by Venn and The Cube altered our perceptions of musical presentation and Qu Junktions came into fruition.

Qu Junktions gratefully acknowledges the support of PRS for Music Foundation, Arts Council England, The Cube Microplex, Bugbrand, and the many other intrepid helpers, artists, designers and grafters who assist us on a daily basis.

Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakides: Rembetika

Family Elan
Screening of 'Varosha'
Wednesday 16 November 2011
The Cube Cinema
Dove Street South, Bristol, BS2 8JD
8.00pm - 11.00pm | £6 adv | Buy Tickets

Past Commissions & Productions

+ support AKI ONDA

The combined elemental force of one of the world’s most questing musical units and Led Zeppelin’s legendary multi-instrumentalist resonated deep over a select set of UK dates in November 2012.

with Mats Gustafsson, Roy Paci, Ken Vandermark & Wolter Wierbos

with Nozinja, Tshetsha Boys, Tiyiselani Vomaseve & Nkata Mawewe

with Omar Souleyman + Group Doueh + SF Films and DJs

with Marcus Coates, Chrome Hoof, Wildbirds & Peacedrums & Vengeance Twofold



with Voices


with Hauschka, James Blackshaw & Nancy Elizabeth

Drowned In Sound review of Barbican performance


with BCN216 & Flicker

Past Acts

In addition to our current roster, acts Qu worked with in the past include:

Jailbreak (Heather Leigh & Chris Corsano), Our Brother The Native, Es + Chris Forsyth + Ignatz, VI: The Environment Tour Of The Bristol Channel, Jandek, Vialka, Peter Walker, Aufgehoben, Anni Rossi, Sunburned Hand of The Man, DJ/ Rupture, Scorces, Colleen, Jack Rose, Team Brick, Arrington De Dionyso, The One Ensemble, Z’ev vs Pita, Nettle, KK.Null vs Z’ev, Kevin Blechdom + Planningtorock + Organ Lady, Minotaur Shock, Matt Elliott, Cul De Sac

Past Events

Vic Chesnutt, Goodiepal, Jandek, John Butcher, Peverelist, Oxbow, Christine Carter, Merzbow, Staff Benda Bilili, Tony McPhee, Tanya Tagaq, Dirty Projectors, The Whale Watching Tour, RTX, Blevin Blectum, Ikue Mori, Afrikan Boy, Sunburned Hand of The Man, Chris Watson, Ice Bird Spiral, Comets on Fire, Deerhoof, Steve Turner, Melt Banana, Dalek, Herman Dune, Fursaxa, Howe Gelb, Charalambides, Shirley Collins,  Magik Markers, Carla Bozulich, Animal Collective, Konono No.1, Biosphere, Sparklehorse, Tim Hecker, Michael Chapman, Felix Kubin, The Necks, The Unthanks, Beardyman, Shackleton, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Micachu & The Shapes, Tinariwen,The Corey O’s, Pierre Bastien, Charles Hazelwood Allstars, Ben Frost, Damon & Naomi… amongst the thousands

Ergo Phizmiz’s The Third Policeman

Thursday 10 November 2011
The Cube Cinema
Dove Street South, Bristol, BS2 8JD
8.00pm - 9.30pm | £6 adv | Buy Tickets

Ergo Phizmiz’s The Third Policeman

Wednesday 9 November 2011
The Cube Cinema
Dove Street South, Bristol, BS2 8JD
8.00pm - 9.30pm | £6 adv | Buy Tickets

Fire! with special guest Oren Ambarchi

John Wall & Mark Durgan
Tuesday 25 October 2011
16 Narrow Quay, Bristol, BS1 4QA
7.30pm - 10.30pm | £10 adv | Buy Tickets


Saturday 10 September 2011
Boiling Wells
Watercress Rd, St Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9YJ
2.00pm - 10.00pm | free (£3 donations welcome)