Qu State of Play 2012

2012 is creeping to a close and Qu felt like patching together a mix of our favourite tracks of this annum. Listen to a loosely blended jumble of choice cuts here:


Tracklist and sleevenotes:

1. Eric Chenaux – ‘Amazing Backgrounds’
Just a perfect mix of close to the mic intimacy, bowed strings and searing electric guitar at the crossroads between songform and improvisation (Mark)

2. Triad God – ‘Pok’
Asa Chang meets Tupac in a wonderful, whispered, honeyed Killing Them Softly style. Triad God Soundtracked my trips to the London underworld in 2012 (Chiz)

3. Sun Araw & The Congos – ‘Open Up The Gate’ (live at Village Underground)
These towering full-beam harmonies brought a very real epiphany of joy and relief when illuminating the VU stage in June. 24 hours earlier I was lying in a rehearsal room corridor floor transcribing ‘Icon Give Thank’ lyrics for The Congos to sing, as two of them raced from Kingston to make it in time. They did, and for those who bore witness, time stopped (John)

4. Gareth Williams & Mary Currie – ‘Breast Stroke’
Home-taped English maverick pop brilliance from a welcome Blackest Ever Black reissue, would love to get hold of the dub of this (Mark)

5. Georgia Anne Muldrow – ‘Calabash’
Golden notes struck early in the year by this LA-based vocalist and wife of Dudley Perkins, with an LP called ‘Seeds’. Madlib chimed in with his best production for yonks, all soulful gleam, dust and bristle (John)

6. Francis Bebey – ‘New Track’
Bonkers Afro-synth odyssey for the dancefloor (Mark)

7. Ariel Pink – ‘Kinski Assassin’
His gloriously sketchy teenage tapes may have spawned ten trillion Insta-pop chumps, but the solid gold just keeps on coming from Ariel Rosenberg. ‘Mature Themes’ was the stuff of immature dreams, and its opening track was sutured to my brain all summer (John)

8. Tyme x Tukijo – ‘Akete, Akete’
A bright and wonky J-Pop earworm that evokes stumbling round Shinjuku in April, HD multi-sensory disjunct giving way to cherry blossom tranquilty and ramen noodle soups that had us tripping our tastebuds off (John)

9. Ashley Paul – ‘February’
The year I learned to listen to digital and my player says I listened to Ashley Paul’s Slow Boat album the most, I think I bought it in Feb. Also viewed a ton of b/w photos here (Chiz)

10. Josephine Foster – ‘Blood Rushing’
Most sung song… sung song. Care of Josephine Foster (Chiz)

11. Andrew Ashong – ‘Flowers’
When I first heard this I thought it was a 70’s original, but I should have recognised that loose and soulful Theo Parrish bump (Mark)

12. Some Truths vs Bugbrand – ‘Untitled’
Tested the massive main room Supersonic PA with this unreleased trk in Y Music session with Tusk (Chiz)

13. Sensation’s Fix – Fragments Of Light
This fervorous Florentine prog gallop was featured on RVNG’s lusty ‘Music Is Painting In The Air’ reissue (a favourite of the year), and previously eulogised by John Maus (John)

14. Andy Stott – Leaving
He played this track at The Cube earlier in the year and it was as intense an experience as it gets in there. On record it’s more blissed-out but still love this (Mark)

15. Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland – 9
Efterklang in Cork, Patti Smith in Bath, Josephine Foster with full band at Cube, Joe McPhee with Chris Corsano at last, Zun Zun Egui at EOTR, the full uplifting/down tuned sounds of Sun Araw and The Congos + King Midas Sound System at Village Underground, Michael Hurley in a blue… but the one live show that I will never forget from 2012 is Dean and Inga at Power Lunches (Chiz)

RIP 2012
Edrija (Group Doueh) and Koudede (Group Inerane)


All Divided Selves (film)
Richard Youngs (Live)
Discussion and Q&A
Saturday 16 February 2013
The Cube Microplex
Dove Street South, Bristol, BS2 8JD
7.30pm - 11.00pm | £6 adv or £10 adv for both nights | Buy Tickets


Richard Youngs and Luke Fowler (live)
The Poor Stockinger, the Luddite Cropper and the Deluded Followers of Joanna Southcott (film)
Friday 15 February 2013
The Cube Microplex
Dove Street South, Bristol, BS2 8JD
7.30pm - 11.00pm | £6 adv or £10 adv for both nights | Buy Tickets


by Ergo Phizmiz
plus Katapulto
Wednesday 20 March 2013
The Cube Cinema
4 Princess Row, Bristol, BS2 8NQ
8.00pm - 11.00pm | £6 | Buy Tickets