Qu Junktions is a musical adventure operation based in Bristol, England. We tour, produce, curate and dream up ways of making music as alive and enthralling as possible. Established in 2004 by Mark Slater and Chiz Williams, it is now a three-way collaboration between Mark SlaterJohn Stevens and Joe Hatt.

Qu represents and works with a widescreen selection of artists focusing on musicians that do not fall into a recognised music pathway and require a more bespoke treatment. We all share a background putting up posters, tearing tickets and programming at the seminal, and still kicking, Cube Microplex in Bristol. Later we set up the annual Venn Festival, a parade of contrasting and conflicting musical overlap that housed hazy concepts and feats of audio daring. The visions produced by Venn and The Cube altered our perceptions of musical presentation and Qu Junktions came into fruition.

Qu Junktions gratefully acknowledges the support of PRS for Music Foundation, Arts Council England, The Cube Microplex, Bugbrand, and the many other intrepid helpers, artists, designers and grafters who assist us on a daily basis.

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