Carla dal Forno

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Territory: Europe
Agent: Mark
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Carla dal Forno is an Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently based in London. Her acclaimed debut album You Know What It’s Like (2016) and follow up EP The Garden (2017) – both released on Blackest Ever Black – have established her as a singular new talent who navigates the inbetween zones of post-punk, industrial, narcotic dub and dream pop. Formerly of Melbourne’s Mole House, dal Forno is also a member of the BEB affiliated trio F Ingers with Samuel Karmel and Tarquin Manek.

As a solo artist Dal Forno crafts artfully atmospheric and emotionally ambiguous songs, displaying an observer’s eye for detail and a painterly sense of proportion. Her productions channel a mittel-Europa aesthetic, all greyscale synth textures, pulsing drum machines, stripped back guitar lines and disorientating bass undertow, with her glacially detached voice soaring high above. Live she performs as a shadowy and transfixing duo with multi-instrumentalist Mark Smith.



Press Quotes

“Smoky and ominous, Australian singer/songwriter Carla dal Forno’s You Know What It’s Like simmers, both musically and thematically, while she inhabits the gloom of her arrangements like a ghost”Pitchfork

“like the aftermath of heartbreak: at once poised and flattend, longing and blankly prosaic… juxtaposing slickness with DIY crudeness, as the synths and hollow drum machines shudder around it” The Wire

“timeless and ancient, full of uneasy memories and dark secrets… a music that feels potent and sensual, like a slow moving river”The Quietus

“In an era over-heated by over-sharing and identity politics, dal Forno’s detachedness is an inhalation of cool, fresh air… The record’s best quality is a stillness at its core that can’t quite be fathomed, as if its songs are disturbances rippling silkily outwards while a lake’s centre regathers its calm”The Guardian


Tour Dates 

01/03/18 Carla dal Forno in Oslo, NO By:Larm
16/03/18 Carla dal Forno in Bern, CH Dampfzentrale
05/04/18 Carla dal Forno in Luxembourg, LU Rotondes
06/04/18 Carla dal Forno in Brussels, BE BRDCST Festival
24/04/18 Carla dal Forno in Torino, IT Astoria
25/04/18 Carla dal Forno in Rome, IT Monk Club
26/04/18 Carla dal Forno in Ravenna, IT Bronson
27/04/18 Carla dal Forno in Florence, IT Sala Vanni
28/04/18 Carla dal Forno in Verona, IT Kroen





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