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Territory: Europe
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A new collaboration between Mexican electronic composer Murcof and acclaimed French classical pianist Vanessa Wagner. Their debut album Statea is released on Infiné/Warp Records in September 2016 and follows the pair’s EP1 which came out earlier in the year.

Statea consists of an exquisitely programmed set of reinterpretations of classical and contemporary repertoire including works by John Cage, Arvo Part, Philip Glass and Aphex Twin. Using the scores as a starting point for improvisation and electronic processing, the duo establish a compelling and immersive soundworld where brooding electronics and classical technique combine.

1. In a Landscape (John Cage)
2. Variations for the healing of Arinushka (Arvo Pärt)
3. April 14th (Aphex Twin)
4. Musica Ricercata n°2 (György Ligeti)
5. Gnossienne n°3 (Erik Satie) album version
6. Piano Piece 1952 (Morton Feldman)
7. Farewell, O World, O Earth (Valentyn Silvestrov)
8. China Gates (John Adams)
9. Metamorphosis 2 (Philip Glass)


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