100% SILK presents

LA Vampires + Maria Minerva
+ Ital + Magic Touch
+ Heatsick + Jabu
+ Dirty Talk DJs
Friday 8 June 2012
The Motorcycle Showroom
15-19 Stokes Croft, Bristol
8.00pm - 3.00am | £8 adv

Ruffling collars, undressing the repressed and putting some grit and glitz back onto the dance floor…come and buy some 100% SILK.

Sugar highs, sweat beads and chemically assisted breakdowns go bumper to bumper at this PARTY night on sweltering pivotal Venn weekend in Bristol. A gateway to the summer, a libidinous mix up. 6 live acts go forth and DIY it while DJs test the system. Glisten up.

Straight outta LA/USA comes Amanda Brown’s prolific dance/not dance imprint 100% SILK, a boutique label that bounces glitz with ghetto and warped basement aesthetics with boogie antics. The vibe will be good as 100% SILK hits the dance-floor, the odour of erotic jacking house will mingle with glitter ball good times and deep sweaty sonics will be slipstreamed within post-noise possibilities. As well as Amanda’s LA Vampires this non-stop SILK party will be joined by three other label mates, with special guests Heatsick and Dirty Talk joining in where they can.

LA Vampires. Stop (pause for breath)….where the fuck do you begin and where will it end. A hot property live/recording act that rarely makes it over to these shores. Headed up by Amanda Beth Brown (co-runner of Not Not Fun Records, mother of 100% SILK, and ex-Pocahaunted voodoo-ist), LA Vampires is a shape-shifting soundsystem universe of her creation with an evolving vibe, utilizing a web of slowed/screwed tapes, boombox Casio FX, low end theories, and spectral voice patterns to conjure a reverb chamber’s worth of dance floor mirages. Partner Britt is part of the 3 piece band for this tour alongside Nick Malkin (Sun Araw/Queen Victoria). Among pursuits like being a novelist and dishing out over 200 releases on NNT, Amanda keeps making LA Vampires records, each more different than the last: an acid-jazz crate-digger split with Psychic Reality, a spectral witch-dub collaboration with Zola Jesus, a blurry sunbleached cassette-loop collab with Matrix Metals, and a co-experiment in dancefloor love and laments with Ital. A 12” EP produced by fellow Silker Octa Octa will drop before this show bursts into life.

Ital is the twisted solo creation of Daniel Martin-McCormick (Mr. Sex Worker, and one half of the amazing Mi Ami). The sounds are dynamic and dance-orientated and emanate from a producer witha rich, passionate legacy in underground music. ‘Hive Mind’, his debut album for Planet Mu, is hot off the press and is a boundary-pushing, thoughtful, body-moving trip. A split SILK 12″ with Magic Touch is set to drop around the time of the tour.

Maria Minerva is the new pop model gone off-road and deep into your subconscious. Estonian-born, London-based Maria Juur magnifies the idea of bedroom-ballads-turn-dirty-dance to the umpteenth power with her pleasure/pain vocals and synth-phonies. Self-assured and whip smart, Maria writes sensual lyrics with an intellectual bent, calling out to all the music lovers with moving minds AND bodies.

Magic Touch is San Francisco-based demi-god DJ and dancefloor motivator Damon Palermo (the other half of Mi Ami, and a constant collaborator with Jonas Reinhardt). An awe-inspiring live drummer, Damon has somehow translated that nuance and skill into synthetic drums and production. Magic Touch is relentlessly engaging, every peak and valley composed for optimum movement and groove.

Special Guest – Heatsick batters a solitary Casio through a myriad of effects, looping up a coarse out-house music into a wonderfully queasy eternity, teasing out melodic and rhythmic mantras to an off-kilter, Burroughsian effect that WINS on the floor.  The music worms it way into your body before scrambling the mind in erotic ways. Smitten outer limits noise boys and girls will know Steven from Birds Of Delay: as Heatsick he goes goes further combining a palette of sources from musique concrète and psychedelia, through to the early Chicago House mix tapes to construct a pleasure bin of bits and gobs. Get out of your head.

Opening the gates we have live runnings from the new Bristol undergrowth – Jabu plays it smudged and hypnotic, representing the Young Echo crew.


Dirty Talk DJs spin out down low and jacked off house / disco all over the rainbow. A firm axis for dance lovemaking.

Lights, cameras, smoke and lasers all go BANG!

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