Andy Stott

Roly Porter & Flicker
Vessel (DJ set)
Saturday 12 May 2012
The Cube Cinema
Dove Street South, Bristol, BS2 8JD
8.00pm - 12.00am | £8 adv | Buy Tickets

Hang yr headphones at the yard and come couch down for some homegrown, deep and essential Saturday night ear glow at The Cube. Honoured to welcome from Manchester a consummate king of finely crafted, detailed and tempo-variant UK technoid soul, complemented by a Bristol golden boy treading new steps in dark post-classical electronics. Get horizontal.

One of the rightly lauded ringmasters of today’s UK dance music, for the last few years Andy Stott has been prolific, untouchable and elusive. Tonight he brings it live and up-close for 200 lucky Cube ears. 2006’s “Merciless” LP gracefully pre-empted the curve towards sleek dubstep/techno synergy, keeping a warm Detroit soul burning dead centre of its sleek blue flame. Plate upon 12” plate of fresh dub-techno nourishment followed on Modern Love, with his sidesteps into splintered footwork and jungle syncopation as Andrea (alongside ‘Millie’ aka Miles Whittaker from Demdike Stare) cutting it just as strong. Then it all got pitched down and opened up with last year’s ‘Passed Me By’, a seven track suite of deep, sweetly bedraggled and slower than slooooooooow house music that pulls…. just devastatingly weird and inventive mood-groove for anyone left with an attention span.

Once a Vex’d fellow, now Bristol’s Roly Porter inhabits calmer, shadier zones under his own name. Stunner of a debut solo album ‘Aftertime’ (out last year on Subtext) sucks out the beats and fills the vacuum with a stormcloud of graceful drones, post-classical nous and subtly deployed contributions from his famous aunt (Cynthia Miller, player of the ultra-rare and ancient electronic keyboard the ondes Martenot) … think the sombre sonic ruins of Raime with the growling dynamics of Ben Frost. Live he enlists Rod Maclachlan aka Flicker to shed light on the murky wonders – a restlessly imaginative visual artist/sculptor known for his close A/V collabs with Murcof, Harminder Singh Judge and Chrome Hoof as well as shows at the Tate and beaming onto skyscrapers.

Holding court in the bar is precocious sound scholar Vessel, from the Young Echo crew and the newest signing to Tri-Angle Records. Expect ghost rhythms, musique concrète and greyscale party vibes till the rum runs dry.

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