Current 93

+ special guest MacGillivray
Saturday 8 February 2014
Union Chapel
Compton Terrace, Islington, London, N1 2UN
7.00pm - 10.30pm | £18.50 | Buy Tickets

Hallucinatory Cartoonist and Apocalyptic Squatter David Tibet and his Happy 93 Family call for a new mask once again, as Current 93 SingSongs into view for PickNickMagick throughout 2014.

Current 93 make a rare appearance, in this their first live performance in the UK since 2011. The event coincides with the release of their new album, I AM THE LAST OF ALL THE FIELD THAT FELL, which will be premiered at the concert and will be available to purchase for the first time along with David Tibet’s long awaited book of collected lyrics, Sing Omega, which is also published on February 8.

Tibet has assembled a remarkable line-up of guests and ghosts for C93’s appearance, which is to be revealed, along with further details of the new album, in the coming weeks.

We are OverMoon and FoxFaced to UTTER our dear friend the Hallucinatory and HoneyHowlThroated GhostPoet MacGillivray is C93’s special guest this evening. She has walked in a straight line with a dead wolf on her shoulders through the back streets of Vegas into the Nevada desert, eaten broken chandelier glass in a derelict East Berlin shopping mall, head-banged in gold mediæval stocks in Birmingham allotments, burnt on a sun-bed wearing conquistador armour in Edinburgh’s underground city, breast-fed a Highland swan in Oxford and regurgitated red roses in Greenland. She remains the clan chief.

Photo credit: Ruth Bayer


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