Don’t Look Now: music from films

The Greatness Of The Magnificence
Pinch & Bass Clef
Goan Dogs + I Know I Have No Collar
Friday 6 September 2013
Bristol Old Vic
King St, Bristol, BS1 4ED
7.00pm - 11.00pm | £9 - £150 | Buy Tickets

PINCH & BASS CLEF playing Robocop
FRANCOIS playing Un Homme Et Une Femme
GOAN DOGS playing Edward Scissorhands
I KNOW I HAVE NO COLLAR playing OSTs from Hal Hartley’s films
+ your compère DUDLEY SUTTON

Please note this is a FUNDRAISER for THE CUBE MICROPLEX FREEHOLD! There are some special edition tickets you can buy, see Bristol Old Vic website for options.

An epic night of musical attractions, famous OSTs, guest artists, huge orchestras and cult actors ALL upping the stakes and aiming to raise some much needed funds. All the money (barring a few essential costs) will go towards The Cube Cinema, Bristol’s legendary independent one stop culture centre, and its mission to buy the building that has been its homebase for the last 15 years, so it can proceed upon its inimitable and merry independent way.

The idea is pretty damn simple. A cluster of musicians from Bristol and beyond (but forever close to the Cube’s very heart and soul) will gather together to perform a key Original Sound Track or selection of OSTs. Some may deviate from the original, putting their own wicked stamp on the music (The Cube has always loved a bit of doting sacrilege…), but the emphasis here is on soundtrack music that has swept these artists away, set free from its cinematic origin and given new wings on the Old Vic stage.

From simple beautiful minimalist pieces, through songs sung in French and thunderous urban sheets of sonic drama to the grand, emotional sweep of Morricone’s master works, this will be a evening of adventure, fun and passion. Only one person is fit to present such a wonderful parade of musicians, film scores and special events…the maverick raconteur and legend of Cube occasions past Dudley Sutton, who has graced many a screen and stage in his illustrious acting career

So what is planned? Well…

Cube stalwarts and all-round cover version specialists The Greatness of The Magnificence pull together a 30 piece orchestra (featuring some of Bristol finest musicians) to perform majestic, moving and monumental music by Ennio Morricone. The ensemble will be led by Jesse Morningstar who has devised all kinds of GOTM themed nights in Bristol, Paris and beyond. Featuring music from films such as Sergio Leone’s Fistful Of Dollars, The Good the Bad And The UglyOnce Upon A Time In The West as well as the Italian crime drama Machine Gun Mccain. Plus one curveball sixties psych classic used by many a director. “Crime, passion and lust for power”

Legend of dubstep-and-beyond Pinch is game to take on the music of Robocop with Bass Clef adding extra dimensions. Electro-retro-futuristic music from two from Bristol’s deep end. “Come quietly or there will be… trouble”

Returning boy wonder Francois conjures up a special locally-sourced band to play the lush, sensual songs from Claude Lelouch’s A Man and A Woman. François came to Bristol from France, worked, played and recorded at The Cube, met up with his band The Atlas Mountains and went on to woo the world. “J’adore ce son dans mes oreilles, ma chérie”

Goan Dogs collaborate with Elly McCabe (harp) to give a lovely treatment to Danny Elfman’s wondrous score to the tale of the eternal outsider Edward Scissorhands. With extra instruments and props from The Insects, much is expected. “This music will touch you, even though he can’t”

Cult Bristol band I Know I Have No Collar love the arch art films of Hal Hartley, and tonight they choose to flirt with his soundtracks. There’s no such thing as a forgettable IKIHNC show, and their members have all mucked in at The Cube in various ways over the years. “Do you trust me?”

More on the Microplex and it’s Freehold stake:

The Cube Microplex, Bristol, was a dream turned into reality. For nearly 15 years its all-volunteer staff helped establish it as a progressive arts cinema and music venue with an international reputation.

In 1998 it was given a 15 year lease that is now coming to an end. The plan now is to organise buying the building and so becoming masters of their own destiny. After lengthy negotiations with the landlord, a price of £185,000 has been agreed. Lots of people have kindly donated and raised funds but there is a long trip ahead so make haste, The Cube needs you to join the adventure. Don’t Look Now… but something is happening.

By its very name, Don’t Look Now… acknowledges the influence of the genius work of Nicholas Roeg on The Cube and Qu Junktions; the stolen title also nods to the audacity of this event… Cinema is not just about the visual. Shut your eyes during Roeg’s film Walkabout and you can easily be transported to another dimension; explore his famous temporal trip movie Performance and you’ll find a staggering use of songs, sound and OST, pretty much inventing the modern soundtrack format (not often equalled!).

Produced by Qu Junktions is association with The Cube Freehold team.

Endless gratitude to all at the Bristol Old Vic, Amber Audio and others helping out on this event.


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