Fire! with special guest Oren Ambarchi

John Wall & Mark Durgan
Tuesday 25 October 2011
16 Narrow Quay, Bristol, BS1 4QA
7.30pm - 10.30pm | £10 adv | Buy Tickets

An unmissable night of strong-arm contemporary jazz, rock and electronic music. Witness an allstar cast of Scandinavian sonic pioneers melding with a maestro of the growling drone, plus a never-before-seen pairing of two pivotal players in the UK’s subterranean sound channels.

FIRE! is a high calibre combo from Sweden featuring Mats Gustafsson from The Thing (saxophone/rhodes), Johan Berthling from Tape (bass) and Andreas Werliin from Wildbirds and Peacedrums (percussion), with added firepower for this evening courtesy of Australian drone lord and Sunn O)))/Gravetemple alumnus Oren Ambarchi (guitar/electronics). Their sound is a frenzy of monolithic rock textures, scorching psychedelia, kosmiche grooves and an all-channels-open free jazz spirit, all amped up at blistering voltage.

FIRE! released their debut album You liked me five minutes Ago through Rune Grammofon in 2009. A new LP featuring Jim O’ Rourke on guitar mischievously entitled Unreleased? is out now. They keep good company and coax a sound that engulfs your expectations and stretches taut grooves into endless panned-out vistas and back.

John Wall & Mark Durgan is a special match-up just for tonight: London-based composer Wall is a championed sample collage king turned perennial sonic manipulator, sharing and breaking noise with friends the world over (including most recently with poet Alex Rodgers) and with strong ties to the capitals freewheeling improvised music community … he last graced Bristol for Venn Festival 2007. Durgan lives local but his brutalist frequencies, as both Putrefier and under his own name, have resonated right across the fertile hinterland between noise, industrial and electro-acoustic soundcraft for over twenty years. Expect premium quality new music, smudging lines between improv and composition with a rare sonic rigour.

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