Saturday 10 September 2011
Boiling Wells
Watercress Rd, St Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9YJ
2.00pm - 10.00pm | free (£3 donations welcome)

A Day and Night excursion into the edgelands. Off-the-grid music and being crafty.

Qu Junktions sets up Boiling Wells as a wireless and almost unplugged domain allowing you to discover explorative musicians, instruments and players alongside arts ‘n’ crafts that re-map old terrain. Workshops, talks, and collaborations sought. Find the fruits amongst the thorns but no folk guitars.

You’ll find the following line-up of artists, film makers, hackers, twitchers, foodies, poachers and farmers on this intimate but amazing, verdant and playful urban farm site.

Please forage for more info.

Earth Xylophone and performance by Ichi
Digging for sound plus a kinetic live show from this maverick Japanese musician

Hacker Farm
On site all day and night to make-do and mend. Broken music for a Broken Britain.

Feral Trade
Serving up hot drinks and foods sourced outside commercial systems, Feral Trade has been importing goods over social networks since 2003. The word ‘feral’ describes a process that is wilfully wild, as in pigeon, as opposed to romantically or nature-wild (wolf).

Brown Sierra
Pia Gambardella & Paddy Collins have unique developed interest  in the field of sound art, performance Installation and artist books. They Co-edit of Noisegate sound art journal and run National Express Recordings and International Litter Exchange. For Forage they will be working with self made acoustic sound devices.

Dan Haywood ‘Birds and Song’
Leader of feral folk rock group ‘The New Hawks’, Dan Haywood gives a confused and self-serving account of wildlife imagery and its use in rock and folk music, with reference to old literature and modern bird surveillance techniques.

Responsible Foraging – Talk/Workshop
We were born to forage – it’s as natural as breathing, drinking, and eating. In fact, the ecosystems of Earth are designed exactly to provide for these services and many more. However, as the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment has shown, they’re not exactly in good shape due to our misguided land use. So how can we forage and help the natural environment? Foraging brings people back in touch with their environment, although it helps to understand some basic rules before starting. Knowing what to pick, where and how to preserve or even encourage more are some of the fundamental concepts a forager should know. Manipulating the environment using techniques such as ecological engineering may sound overwhelming, but some simple ideas such as forest gardening or seed bombing, can transform your garden or local spaces into havens of wildlife and productive ecosystems.

Cyanotype Photography (Workshop)
Forget your digital camera and the millionth picture you might have taken
or been sent only viewed when you stare at your pallid soft screen. Come and progress to real practical magic in the form of Cyanotypes and Van Dyke photo processes. A workshop run by Chris Waller from the Bristol Festival Of Photography will explore these unique techniques. Cyanotypes produce beautiful deep blue images and were originally use for Blueprints. Van Dyke technique makes brown images and was name after the common brown oil colour of Flemish painter Van Dyck. Both processes are low-fi and remarkably simple and cheap.

LTA (Live Timeline Actions)
LTA will be re-purposing social energies and forcefields as a potential energy source for the mid 21st century.

Talk and walk. How to pick and take but put back and scatter new crops.

Lamb Pit
Hot and delicious meat in the earth oven.

Mobile Phone Field Recordings Onsite.
A magic hour group concert of mobile phone musics and lights constructed and composed on the day.

Mobile Home Brew
Building bridges with alcoholic drinks

Self Made Instruments and Music
The site will feature sexed-up self-made instruments with green-fingered players.

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