François & The Atlas Mountains

The Moonflowers
The Horrors (DJ set)
SJ Esau
Minotaur Shock + Silver Pyre
Friday 26 October 2012
The Exchange
72 - 73 Old Market, Bristol, BS2 0EJ
8.00pm - 3.00am | £10 adv | Buy Tickets

Old Market, new sensations. Get ready to shout loud and hang loose for Qu’s first live/club bash at The Exchange, Bristol’s great new party bunker.

Bounce along to finely tuned pop gods, free your ass with funk/rock hippy shakers, bump to giddy electronic pulses and bop to pyscho-soul bangers.

The wonderful François & The Atlas Mountains are back again to tear it up on the main man’s former home turf. What needs to be said? French fellow moves to Bristol, finds himself playing in Crescent, the band of his (and anyone’s) dreams, starts to gather his own musical momentum, self-releases a few records of increasing assurance and songwriting poise, heads back to France, records the sublime Plaine Indonable and pricks the ears of Domino who take François and his now regular group The Atlas Mountains and bring them to the ears and eyes of the world, starting with the album E Volo Love and continuing throughout 2012 with a relentless and unstoppable trail of live actions, allowing this now watertight and firebrand live psych-afro-pop unit to ‘experiment and modulate their songs and sounds in a continuous manner‘, as François says.

Have you experienced….The Moonflowers?!? A commune of love, bass, compassion and brass, these freak soul brothers and sisters can make you joyously peak. A Westcountry Fun-ky-delic jumble sale of DIY roots and rags, beats and blaze.  Formed in the late eighties, this legendary band neatly avoided getting embroiled in the usual overview of Bristol music history, but a lot of teenagers in trouble would trek the country joining in their high times and shared spirits and their influence lives on out here in the wilderness. However… IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN…and a super big band of originals, newbies and fellow folks will fill the stage… so dig in and tighten up and get higher.

The Horrors parachute in from motorik dream-pop heaven to deliver a specially psyched-up late night DJ set. This is a young band who met via their record collecting exploits, and are able to channel a raft of the right influences into their dark, shimmering golden black sound: tonight you can hear the fruits of their relentless foraging through the record crates of the globe, sucking in fluourescent psych soul, radiophonic pop, raucous freakbeat and scorching garage groove along the way. The dancefloor to be on.

Do scope this classic FACT mix which throws in Stereolab, Roxy Music, Gene Clark and David Essex:

High time for Sam Wisternoff aka SJ Esau to bring his deliriously scuffed vision of modern pop music back to a Qu event. As if his lone looping ventures weren’t gratifying enough, this time Esau arrives in a new two-man configuration, with a battery of live drums now propelling his deft, sample-hearted song constructs.

The addition of David Edwards’ Minotaur Shock to these, or any proceedings provides a shot of technicolour joy on the downstairs stage. David has been weaving his many inspirations into sumptuous patchworks of melodic instrumental wonder since way before the internet made it too easy – reactions to his new album ‘Orchard’ have found folk recognising his influence at last, and no better way to toast it than with some live Shock therapy.

Silver Pyre has been mindfully gestating in the deep West for the past few years crafting his debut album ‘AeXE’, a singular musical statement suffused as much with the spirits of intelligent songsmiths like Robert Wyatt and Mark Hollis as the oblique euphoria of peak early-nineties electronica, or the enigmatic landscapes and neolithic heritage of his native Somerset. Organic and well crafted missives from the rusted industrial heart of Albion.


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