Frank Fairfield

Mississippi Records: Talk + Films
Monday 24 June 2013
Cube Cinema
4 Princess Row Bristol, Avon BS2 8NQ
7.00pm - 11.00pm | £6 adv | Buy Tickets

A mouth watering double combo line-up consisting of real time fiddle, song and floor thumping courtesy of Californian Frank Fairfield plus an extraordinary film collection of oddities, lost gems and unknown musics dusted down from the Alan Lomax archives at Mississippi Records. Fire into the mix the fact these two are serious record diggers and the bar speakers should be radiating with a riotous mix music played from LP’s, 7” and 78’s.

Frank Fairfield is a sensational example of someone doing it their own way, anyone who has watched his warm, passionate shows knows he can channel emotions and reach deep into history to keep alive roots and folk musics without ever getting limp! His eclectic sets feature soaring hillbilly ballads, arcane rambling songs and murder ballads delivered in a reedy tenor with that irresistible American primitive quality. Still a young man but steeped in the pre-War Americana of Mississippi John Hurt and Dock Boggs, he cut his teeth as a street performer in LA and has the raw intensity and quick-fingered technique to make your hairs stand on end. Alternating between banjo, fiddle and guitar, he performs a different set of traditional songs and originals each night, drawing on his encyclopaedic knowledge of the American folk canon.

Mississippi Records: Film Trailer

Mississippi Records from Portland, USA is a modern day phenomena. Just look at what they have done and how they do it, releasing a constant stream of unheard, rare and amazing musics from across the world. Eric from the label and shop will put the films into context through a slide show and talk that features archival film, images & stories spanning 1890 to the present day. The show discusses the endless cycle of conflict and incident that exists between the subterranean and marginalised music scenes and the mainstream music industry without using language or images associated with simplified boring dogma, slogan chanting or political rhetoric.The live footage performances are culled from rarely seen film shot during Alan Lomax‘s North American travels between 1978 to 1985 and Mississippi Record‘s own enormous library of folk blues, gospel, esoteric, international & punk music.



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