‘From the Hornet to the Wasp’ Hugh Metcalfe’s Super 8 workshop

Friday 8 November 2013
- Saturday 9 November 2013
no.w.here, First Floor, 316–318 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AG
10.30am - 5.30pm | £60 members / £100 non members

An artist-led Super 8 workshop with an inspirational filmmaker and musician whose unique methods and style will be inherent in this special 2 day course.

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Hugh Metcalfe is a pivotal British artist and all round protagonist of music, film and beyond. He is the instigator and agitator behind the frankly legendary free-reign London club space The Klinker (30 years old and counting), as well as such renowned improvisatory poetry and music performance groups as Birdyak, Fuck Off Batman, The Small Faeces, and The Extreme Quartet. Hugh has played with and hosted music makers such as Jim LeBaigue, Bob Cobbing, Sir Gideon Vein, Larry Stabbins, Penny Rimbaud, Lol Coxhill, Phil Minton, Hugh Wachsmann, the Worm Poet and Alan Wilkinson among the hundreds.

For over 30 years Hugh has also been shooting films on Super 8, documenting every aspect of his life from birth to death and everything in between. His resultant body of film work (over two week’s worth of film) veers between hysterical catharsis, shocking provocation, mutant home movie, and achingly beautiful, quasi-structural cine-poetry.

Hugh comes to no.w.here to share his strategies for working with the Super 8 camera, as well as its affinity with music and improvisation. This activity coincides with a tour he is making around the UK, playing with special guests to his catalogue of films.

Day One
In the morning Hugh will join James Holcombe from no.w.here to show a selection of his Super 8 works on film. We will then examine the Super 8 camera, film stocks available and where to by them, as well as covering the basis of how the cameras work and some of the features available on different models.

Following a lunch break Hugh will then lead participants on a pre-determined walk, shooting the brand new Agfa 200d colour reversal super 8 stock, and day one ends with participants seeing how a Lomo developing tank is loaded.

Day Two
This begins with all participants learning how to operate a slow motion Super 8 projector, and then how to work with film in a direct and hands on way by scratching, drawing, painting and collaging over the image. In groups we will hand process this film, and the course ends with a screening of the films on the workshop.

We anticipate a high demand for this workshop. Spaces are strictly limited to twelve people only and are offered on a strictly first come, first served basis.

You may wish to use your own cameras on this course, although no.w.here provides basic models.

Ticket price includes film stock.

On the 14th November the films will be projected at Cafe Oto and live musicians, handpicked by Hugh, will provide a improvised score to the films. Free entry to the show will be given to all workshop participants.

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