Hieroglyphic Being

Mark Fell
Young Echo Collective
Kelly Twins
Saturday 13 October 2012
The Croft
117 – 119 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RW
8.00pm - 3.00am | £9 | Buy Tickets

A full night of two rooms featuring down and dirty dance trks, DJed and programmed drum charges, live and improvised synths, extreme electronics, sunken melodies, broken to bits funk and machine soul. A must and a Idle Hands co-promo.

All the way from Chicago comes a subterranean legend. Hieroglyphic Being is in the building. The same rooms that have housed Shackleton, Merzbow, The Sun Ra Arkestra, Pinch, The Extreme Quartet and Team Brick. This soul makes a cosmic chaotic dance music that is so accidentally on purpose that the funk just fries. His mixed tones and textures are created on the fly as are the House/Techno rhythms. The swampy/electric mix allows noise to shift-shape into grooves and the whole HB experience convinces one’s soul into believing ALL music is just one beautiful message to our inner aquatic selves.

This man’s music trips into the outer limits of House. A dance provocateur whose aliases and collabs have sucked all kinds of life forces together. He creates a cosmic and ecstatic zone and a egoless and psychedelic space to move in. It seems to be all about the hack, the intuitive graft, the delicate shifts between meditative and mental. Cables fry, everything jacks and any sense of smooth process is shamelessly rocked and balled out. This fella lets fly and your feet tremble, hands clap, the jaw drops open and your beautifully lost, tongue and eyes wriggling to their own impulses.

Check some of his mind-flipping productions at http://soundcloud.com/somuchnoise2beheard

Interlocked and outer-body. Mark Fell makes computational music which is so intense, rhythmic and philosophically mind fucking it makes complete sense. As part of the SND duo and as a collaborator and interdisciplinary artist, Mark’s work has appeared on Mille Plateaux, PAN, Line, Editions Mego, Raster Noton and Alku. Although working in electronic and techno music traditions, his practice has become increasingly informed by non-European musics.

Tonight he plays his revered Multistablity set, where the dancefloor’s head and body is ripped in half. Beats jump/twist and fight any sense of mental bagging/tagging while chords structures and synth pads seemingly attempt to cool/smooth the body. The shimmering and lush tones seem like an illusion as the driving manipulated algorithms go to breaking point. Tiny Mix Tapes says of Multistablity it is “a triumph of digital deconstruction. It streams linear circuits of classic Chicago house piano chords and synthesized handclaps into a digital Mondrian”.

As angular and taught but as loose and porous as any West Country resistance, the Young Echo collective have been given free reign to take over the front room tonight. However also expect pop up and drop down live sets in the back room and multi-limbed DJ sets throughout from the bunker team that include Rei, Kahn, Baba Yaga, El Kid, Zhou, Vessel and Jabu. From the Young Echo hive mentality and shared principles emanates radio, live sessions/jams, and stripped back and arresting artwork. This collective delve deep into all manner of dance music histories while charismatically and poetically fwd searching. As Juno recently put it “it’s easy to get lost between the numerous production names and projects that fly under the Young Echo banner, as the styles range and stretch while never managing to sound generic.”

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