Hieroglyphic Being

Sunday 31 March 2013
Secret City Centre Location
10.00pm - 4.00am | £6 adv or £10 joint ticket with Grouper | Buy Tickets

A Qu and Dirty Talk party

Limited joint tickets on sale for this event and Grouper at The Cube Microplex

Calling all dancefloor aliens: from Chicago via the outer spaceways of the dancefloor, Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being homes in on Bristol again, this time for a very special all-night Easter vigil. One of the last in the lineage of forward-pushing Windy City producers that threads back to Ron Hardy, Larry Heard, DJ Pierre et al, Jamal has become renowned as a singular dance provocateur weaving a cosmic strand of house music that is tied only by its own glorious logic. His DJ sets are glorious spirals of sound that writhe on and off the grid, jacking, hacked-up techno careering into hall-of-mirrors house and what he calls purest “deep n sexy”… plus the odd total disco curveball. No set could be long enough, so we’re giving him the floor all night.

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