Joe McPhee & Chris Corsano

Land Observations
Monday 23 July 2012
Cube Cinema
7.30pm - 11.00pm | £7 adv | Buy Tickets

When the red light goes on tonight, be vigilant, eyes and ears open to all. Relish dazzling and powerful jazz from legendary American multi-instrumentalist Joe McPhee, who roared thru the Sixties / Seventies New Thing and onwards ever morphing. Witness Joe playing together with the exciting loose limbed drummer Chris Corsano who can rattle and snake, bow and bend his kit into intense and fluid patterns. Let these two amazing musicians whisk you back and forth over the coals of roots soul fire music and total hard bopped and popped science fiction sounds. Hard to miss, impossible to resist.

Born in 1939, Joe McPhee is truly a living hero. His 1970’s free funk album Nation Time is a jazz stand out and he has nosily mixed it with the USA’s far-out jazz players for a long time as well as cut into Euro improv (Evan Parker/Peter Br√∂tzmann) and played deep listening with Pauline Oliveros. He is still at the height of his ever expanding capabilities, defining jazz for today. A multi-instrumentalist in every kind and manner of saxophone, clarinet, trombone and piano, it is in the late 1960’s that he starts to work the music that would eventually help define him as an artist. Influenced by John Coltrane, Albert Ayler and Ornette Coleman, Joe McPhee is one of the most relevant free and transgressive spirits in shaping the forms and vocabulary of jazz.

Coming in from wild underground via raw rock and free folk scenes Chris Corsano has also played with Bjork and Thurston Moore, but is totally at ease underpinning and over-scoring jazz. Once upon a time Chris played a show with Paul Flaherty and the rain at this very Cube. Since then he has played and played. He is capable of generating narrative out of permanent ecstasy, leading the eternal cry of sax players and blowers of the 60’s to its logical consequence- a supreme continuous howl, marvelling us with the resonances and with all the plastic/acoustic possibilities of the skin on his kit.

James Brooks’ LAND OBSERVATIONS is a finely tuned music/art project that explores man made and natural geographic forms using live instruments, guitar amps and visuals. Previously James played guitar in Appliance and is releasing his new album ROMAN ROADS IV-XI on Mute. This is one of his first live performances as LO. Influenced as much by Tom Verlaine as Steve Reich or the Kosmische groups, Roman Roads sees Brooks exploring the power of minimalism to create warm, evocative atmospherics.

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