with Frisk Frugt
Balky Mule
Miguel Prado
Friday 27 March 2015
The Benjamin Perry Boathouse
Phoenix Wharf, Bristol, BS1 6TL
8.00pm - 11.00pm | £6 adv | Buy Tickets

Qu has something for you at the JUICE BAR.

A loose and intimate evening featuring Fresh Danish fruits from wondrous maverick pop composer/collagist FRISK FRUGT, intermingling with some of the mealiest musical berries from the local branch including song-forager BALKY MULE and more yet to be squeezed. PLUS special fruity elixirs will flow from the scout kitchen.

Anders Lauge Meldgaard aka Frisk Frugt is a modern day Danish composer and multi-instrumentalist with a shaken kaleidoscope of musical inspiration at his command, who loads up his optimist’s dinghy full of saxophones, self-made mechanical instruments and other inspired sound gadgets, and sets sail on music’s diverse waves of opportunity. New album ‘Den Europæiske Spejlbue’ – roughly as ‘The European Arch Mirror’ – is a vividly realised song-score for a homemade, post-digital fantasy orchestra, packing in sampled elements, complex polyphony, inventive (often home-built) instrumentation dressed in epic, ambitious arrangements with parts for classical musicians as well as improvisers, spontaneous voice leading and foraged sound fragments…the the sound of a Danske Van Dyke Parks graduating, with the highest possible distinction, from all three waves of the Vienna School at once.

Listen to ‘Solhyldest 1del’

Listen to ‘Og hele verden forsvinder i tager’

Frisk Frugt solo live clip:




Normally, music this avant-garde isn’t supposed to be so much fun. It’s where Frisk Frugt outstrips almost every other new composer working in Europe today…This music is totally weird, and yet totally beautiful. It’s absurdly complicated, and yet absurdly playful. Whatever it is, the word hasn’t been invented yet. It’s just brilliant. It’s Frisk Frugt” – 9/10 Drowned In Sound review of ‘Den Europæiske Spejlbue

‘A defiantly unique voice…like Sufjan Stevens let loose in Pinocchio’s workshop…his orchestration is a delightful canvas’ – The Wire review of ‘Den Europæiske Spejlbue’

The way that Meldgaard mixes the heavily scored Malian tradition with his own Western background in improvisation is nothing short of breath taking …massive but effortless achievement” – The Quietus album review & feature on ‘Dansktoppen Møder Burkina Faso…’


The Balky Mule is Sam Jones, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and cornerstone of the wellspring of potent music that bubbled up from Bristol’s hill-flanked murk in the mid-nineties, bringing us Crescent, Movietone, Third Eye Foundation and other clandestine notables besides. Sam has been moulding his own quiet, peculiar song-shapes for years now, setting a beautiful cluster of them to recorded cast for the ‘Length Of The Rail‘ LP on Fat Cat Records.

Miguel Prado is a Galician “composer / theorist / provocateur” (Byron Colley, The Wire) based in Bristol. He projects a quixotic conceptualism on the background of reductionist and performative improvisation through the experimentation on psychoacoustics with the help of modular and speech synthesis.

Since 2007 he has released more than 15 albums and among his many collaborations he has work together with Mattin, Stephen O’Malley, Michael Pisaro, Jozef Van Wissem amongst others.



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