‘Out Of Place’

Land Observations
Way Through
Jo Thomas
Thursday 13 September 2012
Cafe Oto
18 - 22 Ashwin St, Dalston, London E8 3DL
7.30pm - 11.00pm | £7 | Buy Tickets

‘Out Of Place’ is a specially conceived music event featuring acts whose acute reactions to specific geographical places are central to their music. LAND OBSERVATIONS is the musical project of artist James Brooks. It is LO’s debut solo album Roman Roads IV – XI, released on Mute Records in early September, that prompts the night.

The music of Land Observations concerns itself with Roman Roads and their strong physical and psychic effect on society and culture. The hypnotic density of LO’s music undulates, both fulsome and spacious, as it explores the expansive transport routes, time travelling between the Roman structures of the past and road systems of the present era. Each composition responds to the psychogeography of an individual road as well as containing reflections on the broader concerns of travel, momentum and progress. Influenced as much by Tom Verlaine or American Primitive guitar players, as Steve Reich or the Kosmische groups, Brooks has created a set of atmospheric tracks that generously resonate through out time and space.


WAY THROUGH (Upset The Rhythm) are a duo originally informed by the field as much as the flyover. They find great resonance with the spirit of ‘place’ and try and channel its feeling into their music, joining the dots between lost geographical situations and their rich deteriorating histories. By playing songs that phase in and out with guitar, tapes, damaged drums and vocals, the listener can travel, via their songs, through the streets of market towns, wait forever at bus stops and lose themselves in edgeland. Employing wrong-footed repetition, rapid interplay and free-looping happenstance the band create a rich and ragged sound, poetical and punk. Their debut album ‘Arrow Shower’ is out now on Upset The Rhythm, alongside the band’s recent deep map project of London’s East End. New cassette album ‘Enclosure’ was released earlier this year through Comfortable On A Tightrope.


JO THOMAS performs NATURE OF HABIT. The London based sound artist with releases on Entracte will tonight play her personal response to the 2011 London riots, which effects where felt profoundly by the artist, driving her to create a new sonic space allowing her to regain some kind of power over the physical and temporal upheaval caused by the acts. Such a quick and immediate response the changing city scape it dramatically captured in this arresting piece of work. Jo’s compositional work is primarily focused on the human voice, microsound and technological artefacts. She won a Golden Nica at the Prix Ars Electronica for her work the Crystal Sounds Of A Synchotron. The piece injects electrons into a synchotron particle accelerator and records the arranged micro melodies in 5.1 surround sound.




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