Polar Bear

Hauschka feat. Samuli Kosminen
Wednesday 7 November 2012
Bristol Old Vic
King Street, Bristol, BS1 4ED
8.00pm - 11.00pm | £8-£14 | Buy Tickets

Curated by Qu Junktions for Bristol Jam

A Jam-packed evening starring two sets of top drawer international players following their ears for a thrilling double header of music made in the moment. Sticks, skins, ivories, ping-pong balls, wire and much more besides are used to propel the rhythm. Tonight’s heartbeat is the percussive fireworks let off by musicians who beat to their own highly individual time signatures.

Polar Bear are a gang of ravenous genre vultures led by languid drum genius Seb Rochford (collaborator with Joanna MacGregor, Herbie Hancock and Brian Eno). Their live show is an open-ended musical feast: freewheeling, exuberant, and with Rochford’s jazz-hearted rhythm as its pulmonary pulse.

Hauschka feat. Samuli Kosminen finds eminent German pianist and film composer Volker Bertelmann in musical dialogue with Finnish percussionist Samuli Kosminen (múm). Together they reimagine their instruments from the inside out, creating a soundworld that enthralls in its playfulness and spontaneity.

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