R.E.S.T.Room Exercise #1: CONTAINER

Thursday 10 September 2015
4.W.2.4, 10 Clift House, Ashton Gate, Bristol, BS3 1RX
9.00pm - 10.00pm | £8 per night / £20 all three | Buy Tickets

Three nights of hermetically sealed music performances set in the blank heart of an industrial storage lock-up in South Bristol.

Take a sneak peak inside the R.E.S.T.Room

The R.E.S.T.Room Exercise #1: CONTAINER     

The bludgeoning, mangled techno vision of Providence artist Ren Schofield.



The R.E.S.T.Room comprises three exercises in stimulation via deprivation which attempt to haul the live music experience out of its numb domain of plastic pint pots, half-arsed insta-uploads and festivals curated like iPod shuffle playlists set to eclectic.

Each night the storage space will serve as a blank canvas for three specially-created performance environments, each of which err towards the extreme end of the sonic spectrum. Three artists will be unleashing sets of unmitigated intensity in a situation in which the experience itself is key, and all other distractions eradicated. Hence, patrons are welcome to refresh themselves however they see fit before and after their visit to The R.E.S.T.Room, but the bolt goes across at 9pm, and stays shut for an hour: once you’re in, you’re in.

Arrive at 8.30pm for a 9pm start.


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