Vibracathedral Orchestra

Foehn + DJ Kid Shirt & B Dubya (Hacker Farm)
Saturday 15 November 2014
The Cube
4 Princess Row, Bristol, BS2 8NQ
8.00pm - 11.00pm | £6 | Buy Tickets

Eradicate notions of linear time. Cut up your friends. Dreamachine.

Very chuffed to have live in the Cube Cinema a band that Qu have been meaning to have play Bristol for a long, long time. VCO have at their centre a lot of sounds, processes, release schedules and visions that keep music alive and vital. Their origins are Leeds, they might be centuries old, they can jam loose and loud, they bounce down on to tape and aim their wide open musics skywards, mixing pure abandon with devious procedures.

Without ever giving too much away, there is a coiled mystery and humming majesty at the band’s heart; they retain they energy for the LIVE moment. Their long form shows are rare beasts. Members like Neil Campbell (Astral Social Club), John Gobert (Herb Diamanté), Adam Davenport, Mick Flower (Flower-Corsano Duo), Julian Bradley all congeal into a dense instrumental pack of cosmic sound carriers offering the audience monumental pieces of music that stay focused to the core. Like Third Ear Band, Theo Parrish, Sunburned Hand Of The Man, The Dirty Three, J Dilla, La Monte Young, Popul Vuh and Charalambides they cut with and against the grain, generating a visceral funky open source heat, VCO also embed their very local elemental folk/industrial traits deep into the murk and mass of their music.

For 10 years Qu wanted them to rock into Bristol. Now they are here.

Support comes from Foehn, a lost jewel in Bristol’s musical treasure chest now happily re-found.  Cast aside much of the mind, take a phenomenological plunge from the cliffs and be blown forward by music. Fohen’s audio reveries ar beyond the fringe and pretty rare to behold…with a release history including rare and spare emissions on FatCat and Swarffinger, she concocts a feverish, raw and romantic music that plays hooky from musical industry broad-strokes and is all in the small print, invisible ink and sleight of ear. It’s pointless to back reference a sound so poetic, so slink in and resonate.

* Qu will be offering some free special brew and fruit cake for all attending this show *

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