The Reds Of Their Eyes



The intention behind the Reds Of Their Eyes shows being in a small space is to be much much, much closer than the whites of their eyes.  It is about being smashed, intense, physical, truly personal and in the end ruined, but perhaps redeemed, by being unable to ignore the inches-away crazed gaze of a fellow human.
Aside from being the best context for Xiu Xiu in our present, sonic blade-wielding form, these shows offer the chance to invite some special guests operating in violently contrasting fields of intensity: James Blackshaw joins us for the first show, a man whose totally beautiful, radically expanding long form acoustic guitar pieces I have followed with furious intent for years. Then for night 2 we are psyched to welcome Blood Music, from the black-hearted frontier of new London noise-rock and sharing a certain brutalist kinship with our current groove.

See you there, in the dark, point blank range.

Jamie Stewart, Xiu Xiu

Tickets available here (21st) and here (22nd)

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