Chuquimamani-Condori is a multidisciplinary artist & musician belonging to the Pakajaqi nation of Aymara people.


New album 'DJ E' was released in November 2023.

"This is the sound of our water ceremonies, the 40 bands playing their melodies at once to recreate the cacophony of the first aurora & the call of the morning star Venus. If you ever cared for me, if I ever loved you, if I ever did you wrong, if you ever broke my heart, then fuck w me now."

Previous recent works include Rayo Mix (2022), Across the Policed World: A Transnocturnal Huayño (2022), and Amaru's Tongue: Daughter (2021), a collaborative work with Joshua Chuquimia Crampton. They also continue to do work with AIM SoCal, the Southern California chapter of the American Indian Movement (founded in 1968).


John Stevens