Eartheater is Alexandra Drewchin, a New York based musician, artist, and choreographer who seeks on a daily basis to provoke classical and pop paradigms.


“All artistic gestures feel connected in her world: music, dance, poetry, film, stripped of conceptual baggage and made accessible, full of feeling and expression built on a pounding intellect." – The Wire

Eartheater practices her own strain of poetic alchemy, melting her subjects into objects: the waves turn the shells into sand; the flames melt the sand into glass; the glass holds the wine; the wine makes you drunk. Shapeshifting between electronic experimentation and acoustic texture, the Queens-based composer / producer / multi-instrumentalist / vocalist’s art has long delved into themes of erosion and lithification, along with the infinite possibilities of metamorphosis both emotional and physical.

“Firmly bound to themes of renewal and rebirth, Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin is a winning experiment in economy and earthiness” – PITCHFORK

More than a decade since she first came up on the gritty New York noise circuit, Eartheater has refused to settle into a staid routine over five albums and an array of commissions and residencies. On Powders, the first of her two upcoming albums, alchemical forces connect ideas from every stage of her career just as they dissolve her practice into atomized particles ripe for reconstitution. “Powders is a series of vignettes about the process of breaking things down,” she explains. “Once a substance is ground down to powder, it’s in its tiniest molecular state, enabling it to then be integrated into something new.”

“Phoenix is a work of originality and of extremes” — VICE


Joe Hatt