Few groups in history, recent or otherwise, elevate mood to such singular, smouldering supremacy as the Australian duo of Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang, aka HTRK [‘hate rock'].


Across two decades, HTRK's sound has shape-shifted but never wavered in its poetic gravity. Rowland S. Howard (The Birthday Party) was an early mentor of the band and wrote a legendary song on his final opus, ‘Pop Crimes‘, both for and about lead singer Jonnine, '(I know) A Girl Called Jonny', on which Jonn also duets. Their songs are often coded as fantasies, venturing deeper into the heady expanses of dub dream and memory. They make music that channels not just the heaviness and beauty of the world, but the surreal humour and inexplicable serendipity of it too, cataloguing desire, intimacy and spirit like few others.

HTRK’s albums have been released by labels including Fire, Blast First Petite, Boomkat Editions and Ghostly International. For their most recent full-length, Rhinestones, they founded their own imprint, N&J Blueberries. Note that HTRK developed as a 3 piece, but tragically founding member Sean Stewart passed while the band were living in London in 2010, way way before his time.

HTRK will turn 21 in 2024.