Katie Gately

An American electronic musician, film composer and sound designer who utilises a plethora of computer programs to reshape her voice into dense, unsettling sound constructions.


Gately's unpredictable compositions run from industrial collages to playful, abstract pop tunes, exhibiting an absurdist sense of humour and an ear for rhythm and melody. Gately moves to Houndstooth for her new album, Loom, following the release of her debut album Color on TriAngle Records in 2016.

'The sound of deconstruction... hinting at pop only to take delight in crumbling from within. Countless timbres and textures jostle within her tracks, either crammed together in a sonic maelstrom, or separated by what feel like blasts of chilled air' — Resident Advisor

Gately has also released an array of limited EPs and a cassette on a number of notable underground labels – Public Information and Blue Tapes, as well as the critically acclaimed FatCat Split Series. She has also remixed Bjork and co-produced serpentwithfeet's debut LP soil.

'radiates a naive, infectious delight in the joy of creating crazy, maxamalist pop textures' — The Wire

This summer Gately was part of the recent Mary Anne Hobbs curated ‘Queens of the Underground’ Festival in Manchester alongside Holly Herndon, Jlin and Aisha Devi. She is currently living in LA and teaching at CalArts.

'Lurches from windswept to portentous to fearsome, ratcheting up the tension towards its denouement of wailing Middle Eastern melody and pummelling industrial intensity' — MOJO