Kevin Richard Martin

Kevin Richard Martin is the man behind The Bug, King Midas Sound, Techno Animal, Zonal and a host of other uncompromisingly heavy projects he has instigated since the 90s.


Having released the intensely personal Sirens, his first record under his own name, on Lawrence English's Room40 imprint in June 2019, Kevin has used the recent enforced period of isolation to incredibly prolific creative ends, establishing a new digital label, Intercrannial Recordings, through which to release a five-volume suite of albums entitled Frequencies For Leaving Earth.

Each volume was composed, mixed and produced during the lockdown period, as Kevin spent this surreal, intense time rebuilding his studio in his new home of Brussels, retreating into alternate sonic realities that veer between deep chasms of drone, discombobulated ambient, neo-classical motifs and oceanic swells of noise. Each release features artwork by celebrated visual artist Pedro Maia, and sold-out tape runs of the first two volumes have followed courtesy of Boomkat.

'About as disorienting as deep listening gets — far too alien to simply be declared “ambient' - Self-Titled