Klein is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London.


Her music releases, films and performances have established her as a singular voice who uses disjunctive experimentalism to create asensory world that melds popular reference points with personal associations.

'What she accomplishes with her sonic molding — her way of “placing” sounds and melodies together that would be traditionally incompatible — is to express a multitude of emotions simultaneously' — FADER

'While she may borrow from R&B and pop, Klein’s output has more in common with the abstract impressionism of Jackson Pollock. Such intensity makes Tommy a difficult and even exhausting listen, despite a running time of just 25 minutes. But as Captain Beefheartand the Shaggs have shown in the past - and as Klein demonstrates now -stepping off the musical path that leads to standardized perfection can prove hugely rewarding' PITCHFORK

'At times it is chaotic, an emotional expression of her personal fusion of R&B and hip hop. At first listen, we’re fed so many different ideas and concepts that the motifs can be hard to parse. Then after a good few listens, and after coupling the music with visuals from Klein's YouTube channel and on her Instagram profile, we’re left with artistry that is utterly unique, both conceptually and artistically' THE QUIETUS


Joe Hatt


Worldwide (management)
Rest of the world outside Europe (booking)