Mun Sing

Mun Sing is the juddering solo project of Giant Swan‘s Harry Wright.


'Imagine Perc and The Bug slinging dubs at each other during a subterranean soundclash full of dry ice and strobes and you’re part of the way to what the five-track ‘Witness’ sounds like' — MIXMAG

Mun Sing’s uncompromising ingenuity of sonic weaponry explores bone rattling, fragmented cyber grime and radioactive trap templates. An attack of fluctuating polyrhythms that pan from left to right creating a delirious effect. Amplified dissonant noise. Syncopated and visceral neo-EBM drum patterns that disintegrate, dissolve and accelerate then starkly shrink with an adrenaline fuelled industrial intensity.

Mun Sing is Wright’s tool to challenge the conventions and aesthetics of modern day club culture. To experiment with ideas of inclusivity and positivity, influenced by mainstream pop music by injecting pop’s marketing methods into the more serious, austere club world. Dance routines, obnoxious visuals and brash costumes all feature in the live show, where Mun Sing uses these elements as a means to highlight inclusivity, movement and fun. His debut LP 'Inflatable Gravestone' will be released on Planet Mu in June 2023.


Joe Hatt