When it comes to the next generation of heads shaping the UK’s contemporary dub and electronic scenes, Ossia is high up on the list of the marshals of the vanguard.


'As a producer, he turns technical flaws into potent atmospheric tools in time-honoured dub tradition. He pulls ghosts out of rattling reverb springs and noisy channels, creating loaded ambience that creeps and lurks in the language of mutes, FX sends and faders' — RESIDENT ADVISOR

Through running a range of record labels, throwing endless memorable parties and being a member of Bristol’s Young Echo Sound, all on top of his evolving projects, his influence and energy is far reaching.

His own skewed, drenched-in-dread interpretation of the dubwise aesthetic and his unhinged take on soundsystem culture are a big part of his understanding of music. Always seeking for a sonic that builds on tension and release, guttural and cerebral meditations on low-end pressure and a heady conveyance of his self-styled sound palette, which can draw from all angles and directions, take U-turns, sidesteps and confident crash landing.

'Some of the dankest, haunted dubs outta the UK in some time, placing a uniquely charred, radioactive and reverberant spin on classic dub foundations filtered thru technoid, blackened sensibilities' — BOOMKAT

Ossia flirts and abuses with the tactile and analogue aspects of live performance. He tempers the analogue and physical aspects of musical interaction, tension and suspense playing an equal part to the final sum in Ossia’s live shows, forming a cohesive concoction to the final impact of each thundering release. The steam rolling aftermath of dread atmospherics and tripped out ambience.

He has released 12"s on Blackest Ever Black and Berceuse Heroique, with a full debut LP out on the former in Spring 2018.


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