Ossia's sound world is an amalgamation of heavy-weather, beyond-good-and-evil soundsystem poetics, channelling raw and rootical techno, isolationist abstraction, and dub at its most turbulent and raw-nerved and space-time-warping.


Through running a range of record labels and being a member of Bristol’s Young Echo Sound, he has amassed a wide knowledge and in-depth understanding of music that informs his own skewed, futuristic drenched-in-dread aesthetic and his unhinged take on soundsystem & club music.

'Ossia’s growling sound design is a deep sea drop into the darkest corners of the primal subconscious or a nauseous amble into subterranean horror' — THE WIRE

Following a run of 12" releases for Berceuse Heroique, Blackest Ever Black and a selection of his own labels, his latest album 'Devils Dance' sees a return to Blackest Ever Black - channelling tail-thrashing dancehall pressure and art-of-darkness ambience and introspection.

Ossia embodies the best tradition of Bristol underground music and has become notorious for bending the rules of genre & club convention. His live and DJ sets encompass a very contemporary and idiosyncratic well of influences: grime, techno, jazz, steppers, dub, post-punk, industrial abrasion and concrète minimalism… Rattling between moments of suspense and high-powered dancefloor mania with constant twists and turns.

'...rattling reverb springs and noisy channels, creating loaded ambience that creeps and lurks in the language of mutes, FX sends and faders' — RESIDENT ADVISOR

'Devil's Dance was [2019's] best dub techno record' — Resident Advisor


Daisy Moon



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Tuscany, IT