Pan Daijing

Pan Daijing is a self-taught, self-proclaimed outsider who makes music, art, and tells stories.


“Across spheres of contemporary art, experimental music, noise and techno, Pan’s twisting trajectory as an artist is rousing to witness; Lack惊蛰 serves as yet another reminder of her thrill.“ THE QUIETUS

Pan Daijing is an artist and musician from Guiyang. Her raw approach as composer and performer takes many forms: sound, choreography, installation, and storytelling. Soul- baring utterances and sonic, aesthetic outbursts are the main tendons of her practice. Her poetic, uncanny work interweaves vehicles of power and vulnerability, and ofen oscillates along paradoxical conceptual states and spatial interactions.

'Get’s your heart racing and palms sweating; it’s enthralling and addictive yet disconcerting and uncomfortable. Pan has reasserted her penchant for the uncomfortable, in a sonic iteration of the discomfort of David Lynch’s Eraserhead' — THE WIRE

Since the release of her acclaimed album debut, Lack, on Berlin based label PAN in 2017, she has been showcased several projects. These include Fist Piece, a complex choreography of flm, sound and performance premiered in Kraftwerk (Berlin). It was also presented at the Barbican (London) and Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie. Service Of A Song, a performative installation shown at Haus der Kulturen der Welt and exhibited at Galleria Isabella Bortolozzi; and Tissues, a live play and composition for two opera singers, eight actors and three connected spaces which was commissioned by Biennale of Moving Image 2018 Geneva and premiered at Pavillon Sicli.

'Daijing presents a dream, the plot of which, after waking, you can't quite piece together. Its walls of sound become etched onto your mind's surface. It's a vision that lingers in your psyche' - RESIDENT ADVISOR


Joe Hatt