Shackleton/Zimpel & Siddhartha Belmannu

Electronic music maverick Shackleton and avant folk visionary Waclaw Zimpel present a brand new project with one of Indian classical music’s greatest emerging vocal talents,.


Forthcoming album 'In The Cell Of Dreams' is is both a meditative exercise and an urge to transcendence, thematising both the
acceptance of our mortality and the joyous celebration of living.

Four long form tracks which eschew the traditional verse and chorus structure in favour of getting lost within the trance. There are musical cycles within musical cycles, with diverse time signatures and phrases existing alongside each other in stark contrast to much of Western music tradition, all adorned Siddhartha’s beautiful and deeply moving vocal, for the most part in his native language Kannada: light and shadow, nuance, sadness, elation and the whole range in between.