One of the most influential and uncompromising figures in exploratory bass music culture, who with his recent work has become a genuine polymath.


Shackleton's singularly hypnotic, psychedelic and industrially-charged sound now permeates a catalogue of live band projects and collaborations, adding yet more stylistic breadth and weight to his storied repertoire.

From the bedrock of the pioneering Skull Disco imprint he established with Appleblim - promptly pulling the shutters after ten prime 12-inches in 2009 - and the seminal Fabric mix that followed shortly after, Shackleton has been zig-zagging in increasingly adventurous musical directions, using prolific output on Honest Jon's and his own Woe To The Septic Heart! label to hone a musical lexicon that has his customarily subtle serialist motifs, dazzling rhythmic tessellations and irrefutably dread, post-industrial low-end scored through its DNA...all in service to sonic atmospheres that only one hand could author.

"Shackleton's work sounds like ritual music from another dimension" - Resident Advisor

Having aligned himself with choice vocalists such as Anika and Ernesto Tomasini for recent album works, two exciting new live configurations will emerge in 2019, in parallel to Shackleton's ongoing and increasingly selective club show activity. More details in the offing soon.

"The work of an experimental composer more so than a dance producer...shares headspace with British masters of spleen like Nurse With Wound and Coil” Pitchfork




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