Still House Plants are a UK-based three-piece collective made up of Jess Hickie-Kallenbach, Finlay Clark, and David Kennedy.


From a minimalist approach of guitar, drums and vocals they create fractious and sharp music with a melting pop heart. Bridging elements of sampling, slow core, and repetition, the trio have developed a sound that constantly breaks apart and fuses together again.

Their second LP Fast Edit was released collaboratively via London imprint Bison in partnership with New York based Blank Forms Editions. It was written aided by mobile phones, dictaphones, laptop recordings, conversations, and live shows, blending into a collage of fidelities and aural spaces. Things sit on top of each other, fall over one another, or click into place, with hearts on sleeves and spirits in motion.


George Beleznay


Worldwide excl. North America