A composer and producer whose persistent evolution cannot be second guessed, Sebastian Gainsborough's output as Vessel has reached another peak with his chamber influenced and classically suffused third LP, Queen Of Golden Dogs.


"On Queen of Golden Dogs, he slashes the ropes and soars into the stratosphere, pulling off an extraordinary fusion of chamber music, choral quintets, poetry, surrealism, mysticism, and, not least, rubble-making electronic epics." — PITCHFORK

"Gainsborough's approach stands out. They didn't just invite orchestral instrumentation into their dance party, but built a sonic world fully informed by classical music, harnessing electronic techniques to create a sound unique to them." — RESIDENT ADVISOR

"There’s a kind of mania at work here, a dangerous glint in the eye. This is an extraordinary, exhilarating and unstable piece of art where beauty and affection exist right next to upheaval and metamorphosis." — CRACK

In the live domain, the work is performed alongside acclaimed visual artist, and long time collaborator Pedro Maia, director of the masterpiece accompaniment to QOGD’s lead single Paplu. Maia creates a visual companion truly befitting of Gainsborough’s immersive, visceral, fluid musical output.


Joe Hatt


Europe & Asia