A Ritual for Elephant & Castle

A Ritual for Elephant & Castle was a one-off event featuring Marcus Coates performing live with Chrome Hoof plus a live performance by Wildbirds and Peacedrums collaborating with a 20-piece drum circle.


Vision Quest: A Ritual for Elephant & Castle is part documentary, part performance, part archive – exploring the major transitions taking place in the south London neighbourhood. The film follows Coates on an unlikely suburban journey as he sets out on a Vision Quest, seeking animal spirits to help gain insight into a possible future for the failing redevelopment scheme. In response to the Council’s formal vision and master plan for Elephant and Castle, Coates involves residents from the now demolished Heygate Estate, council planners and developers to evoke an alternative collective vision of what it could be.

At the centre of the film is the improvised live rock-shamanic-ritual collaboration between Coates and Chrome Hoof staged within the legendary Coronet Theatre, one of the oldest buildings in the area. Coates performs an improvised ritual, supported by Chrome Hoof and Wildbirds & Peacedrums, marking the passing of the neighbourhood and to envisage a new strategy for development that does not repeat the mistakes of the last redevelopment in the 60’s.

Produced in collaboration with Nomad Projects


Friday 5 June 2009


  • Marcus Coates & Chrome Hoof
  • Wildbirds & Peacedrums drum circle


The Coronet Theatre, 28 New Kent Rd, London, SE1 6TJ


7pm - 12am