Klein: Osanle

A brand new drama and dance piece by London-based musician Klein, Osanle explores the iconography of ballet through the eyes of three teenage boys as they discover the art for the first time.


Composer, producer, vocalist and playwright Klein is now firmly established as one of the UK’s most intriguing and unpinnable artists. She uses collage techniques to assemble recordings of her own vocals and instrumentation into unique soundscapes, with references ranging from Mythology to Pavarotti and the very ideology of the defunct TV network, ‘Trouble’.

Osanle is written, directed and composed by Klein, and choreographed by Klein and Scout Creswick. Original Music is performed by Klein. Costume by Tania Daniel. Set design by Club Couture and Overt Corporation.

Commissioned by Qu Junktions.

Supported by PRS for Music Foundation

Past tour dates

Hull, UK
Truck Theatre
London, UK
Southbank Centre