Venn 2008

A sold-out celebration of bent logic, sonic contradiction and early June joy.


For its final edition, Venn maintained its resolve to find fun new ways to flip the urban festival format, commandeering planetariums, scout huts, skate parks and other new and old locations around ever in pursuit of the perpetual twist, redrawing its own boundaries each year with regard to the relationships between artists, audiences and spaces.

Venn was a collaboration between Qu Junktions, Blackout Arts, Clean Cut, Polar Produce, Under_Score & Motorboy


Thursday 5 June 2008 — Sunday 8 June 2008


  • Matmos

  • Rachel Unthank And The Winterset

  • Moritz Von Oswald

  • Flying Lotus

  • The Heliocentrics

  • Olo Worms

  • Phillip Jeck

  • Phil Minton’s ‘century Fc’

  • Nancy Elizabeth

  • Le Volume Courbe

  • Sunburned Hand Of The Man

  • Black Devil Disco Club

  • Murcof

  • Errorsmith

  • Fuck Buttons

  • The Blessing

  • Ergo Phizmiz: Forest

  • Zun Zun Egui

  • Afrikan Boy

  • Wildbirds & Peacedrums

  • Peverelist

  • Moha

  • Hauschka

  • and many more


Various venues, Bristol