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Territory: Europe
Agent: Joe
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Moor Mother is the viscerally charged output of Philadelphia based interdisciplinary artist, Camae Ayewa. Her music is often harsh and strange, projecting both the cathartic anger of punk and the expansive improvisatory spirit of Sun Ra. Using a variety of machines, field recordings, and analog noisemakers, Ayewa constructs fractured, cacophonous waves for her words of punishing pertinence to ride.

As a musician performing under the name she has toured in Europe and the U.S. at numerous festivals, colleges and universities sharing the stage with King Britt, Islam Chipsy, Claudia Rankine and Bell Hooks. As a soundscape artist she has had work featured at Samek Art Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art Chicago, and Everson Museum of Art.

Her latest album, Fetish Bones, was released through Don Giovanni Records in September 2016. The album features 13 songs conceived and recorded in Camae’s home studio and it is an album intended as a form of protest and as form of time travel — a collection of sounds that are events themselves, telling stories rich in history about the journey that brings us to today and the future we are creating. Fetish Bones is not an album meant to help you forget. It is made so that you will remember the injustices that we bear witness to and participate in.

Ayewa is also a renowned poet and author of the forthcoming poetry book, also named Fetish Bones, and a member of Black Quantum Futurism, A Collective which has recently released its first book, Black Quantum Futurism theory and practice Vol. 1. BQF has presented in Copenhagen Perspectives on Time Conference, Ferguson is the Future at Yale and Afrofuturism Now festival in Holland. Camae is a 2016 Leeway Award recipient and 2016 Blade of Grass Fellow.




Press Quotes

“Fetish Bones is her masterclass on creating a sensory experience that interrogates your complicity, pushing you through a door that sends you hurtling through time.” – PITCHFORK

“Moor Mother might be the most radical – even the most useful – Afrofuturist artist to emerge for years. Fetish Bones works not just as an atlas and an archive but as a mausoleum, housing the bones of those who have fallen along a bloody trail stretching all the way back to 1886.”WIRE

“Her music is deliberately raw and unfiltered, like human feelings” – FADER 


Tour Dates

23/02/18 Moor Mother in Amsterdam, NL Progress Bar Sonic Acts Academy 2018
10/03/18 Moor Mother in Gent, BE Out Of The Frame
17/03/18 Moor Mother in Reykjavik, IS Sonar Festival
22/04/18 Moor Mother in Tilburg, NL Roadburn Festival with ZONAL
26/04/18 Moor Mother in London, UK Corsica Studios with ZONAL
12/05/18 Moor Mother in Lyon, FR Les Nuits Sonores
19/05/18 Moor Mother in Helsingor, DK Click Festival


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