ZONAL are the duo of Justin K Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, JK Flesh) and Kevin Martin (The Bug, King Midas Sound), who previously collaborated under the guise of Techno Animal.


Combining a brutal obsession with beats, bass, dub, drone, noise and riff, ZONAL push the parameters further and deeper, as their sound has become ever more corrupted, corroded, slower and lower, with the theme of inner/outer space exploration as the gelling agent for their monolithic sound.

Recent performances at Roadburn and Unsound in collaboration with US Afro-futurist poet/musician Moor Mother have cemented their unrivalled live reputation for sonic destruction and lyrical detonation.

ZONAL have recently signed to Relapse Records and a comprehensive Techno Animal re-issue programme is also forthcoming on the label.