أحمد [Ahmed]

أحمد [Ahmed] is the quartet of Pat Thomas, Antonin Gerbal, Joel Grip and Seymour Wright. They make music of heavy rhythm, repetition and syncopation, set deep into an understanding of jazz and the obscure depths of its history.


The group work and rework the music of the late musician Ahmed Abdul-Malik to create a stamping, swinging, relentlessly propulsive music where profundity and physicality root right back to ecstatic feeling. It excavates, reinhabits and uses anew the now overlooked documents and fragmentary plans of his mid-20th century synthetic vision, to produce a new jazz imagination for the 21st century.

"One of the most advanced jazz bands on the planet" - WIRE

"A form of jazz minimalism that gets seriously under the skin—needling, pushing, and exploding—" - The Quietus

(cover image by Guy Bolongaro)


George Beleznay