bar italia

bar italia is the London-based trio of Nina Cristante, Jezmi Tarik Fehmi, and Sam Fenton.


Founded in lockdown, the group is an amalgamation of two cult projects: Double Virgo (Fehmi and Fenton’s project, released on Vegyn’s Plz Make It Ruins label) and NINA (Cristante’s solo project, released through Dean Blunt’s World Music label).

"London’s most exciting new band" – Crack

Following a string of word-of-mouth releases on World Music, and a series of packed to the rafters debut London club shows, in March 2023 Matador announced they had signed the band. First LP for the label 'Tracey Denim' landed in May, around sold out tours across EU, UK and US, quickly followed by the announcement of sophomore album 'The Twits', due this November.

"The duality across Tracey Denim makes each return all the more rewarding, and crucially, reassuring" – The Quietus


George Beleznay


Worldwide excl. N. America