Ben Vince

Ben Vince is a prolific saxophonist and composer who radically redefines the possibilities of the saxophone.


Through extended technique, electronic processing and an open-eared approach to collaboration, Ben's work spans free improvisation, DIY and dancefloor scenes in strikingly original style. He is building a reputation as a one of a kind live force who can veer from propulsive, full blast skronk outs to acoustically responsive ambience and is always in tune with the energy of a space.

'Avant-garde saxophonist Vince's striking fourth [album] favours
warped vocal samples, harrowing hand percussion and swelling
waveforms, 4/5' — The Guardian

Following a recent collaboration with Joy O on Hessle Audio, and releases on on Blank Editions, CURL, and Depth of Decay, Ben's latest LP Assimilation (Where To Now?) sees him broaden his horizons further, as he moves (in his own words) from 'creator to vector, being bounced off by different forces' with guest spots from the likes of Micachu, Rupert Clervaux, Valentina Magaletti and Merlin Nova.

'An audacious solo album... that ventures to the furthest reaches of
experimental song, free jazz, uneasy ambience, and bristling techno' — Pitchfork


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