Dan Haywood

Dan Haywood is a UK songwriter, storyteller and performer operating in the North of music.


'A wild-eyed mix of cosmic country and chamber-folk… [that] makes for a thrilling noise' — Uncut

Dan's most recent album Dapple found him in the great outdoors (The Forest Of Bowland, to be precise), delivering a sweet and lyrical song cycle that repaints the English folk pastoral in bright and beautiful tones.

Before that was Dan Haywood’s New Hawks, a collection of songs, and also a band, whose epic scope - 32 songs across 6 sides of vinyl - married transatlantic cosmic roots music with a deeply poetic English folk soul. Conceived over five years by Lancaster-based singer/songwriter/ornithologist Haywood as a way of documenting his bird-and-people-watching travels around rural Scotland, it's a vast modern-day Joycean folk/rock cartography with Haywood as your charismatic navigator poet, and as many ruggedly beautiful crannies to explore (both musical and lyrical) as the highland wilderness it is inspired by.

'Positively livid with ideas...resists easy categorisation' — The Wire


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