DJ Paypal

DJ Paypal is one of footwork’s most fascinating figures.


'Paypal is adept at tractor-beaming the disparate genres of soul, jazz and disco into the accelerated house core and bending them into evermore strange and beguiling shapes' — THE QUIETUS

His playful moniker and internet-savvy branding hint at a healthy sense of humour, but his music is as lush and soulful as his fellow Teklife producers. As the leader of Mall Music Inc, the label home to peers like DJ Orange Julius and DJ Mastercard, he’s outlined a new take on footwork laden with lush synthesizers and hi-definition sonics, while his work on LuckyMe has pointed towards an interest in soul and disco.

'Sold Out, Brainfeeder’s first footwork release, is clearly Paypal’s opus. Manic, joyful, and confounding, the record flits from heady jazzercise juke, to vertigo-inducing African polyrhythms, to the poignant closing power ballad “Say Goodbye”, a strong contender for this year’s most beautiful footwork track. If this is the sound of Paypal selling out, the world should lavish him in endorsements' — PITCHFORK

All of these factors come into play for Sold Out, his debut for Brainfeeder and a record that takes him beyond the pale of footwork into something all his own. Sold Out is a showcase for everything Paypal can do at 160 BPM, and it taps into the deep lineage of soul, hip-hop and jazz that defines the Brainfeeder discography.

'Paypal’s hyperactive footwork thrives on slicing and dicing the beating heart of disco and boogie' — MIXMAG

Since 2013, Paypal has toured clubs throughout the world, from Europe to Asia to America, and played several key events and festivals such as MoMA PS1, Low End Theory, Roskilde Festival, and Dour Festival. Live, Paypal is a psychedelic high octane club workout plan. His take on Juke and Footwork is kaleidoscopic and vivid, expanding on the Teklife template for a sound that looks backwards and forwards in equal measure.


Joe Hatt