Elvin Brandhi

An improvising lyricist, producer and sound artist from Bridgend, Wales, who builds aberrant beats from field recordings, tape, vinyl, instrument and voice.


"Every shred of sound on this tape is stretch or skewed or crushed or pixelated, giving Elvin Brandhi a uniquely identifiable sonic fingerprint. Considering how damn weird this thing is too, it’s downright miraculous how much it still bumps." — THE QUIETUS

Using sound and voice as an expansive language transgressing intrinsic systemics and inherited syntactical etiquettes, her live shows are unyielding bursts of erupting animation where her caustic stream of consciousness cavorts with restless, glitched out heaviness.

"There’s so much going on that we’re kinda lost for words and left reeling from it all. But if we allow our ears to defocus a little, structures begin to emerge from the chaos, kinda like a T-1000 flailing in molten meckle." — BOOMKAT

Her recent E.P ‘Shelf Life' was released on ‘C.A.N.V.A.S’ in 2018, and she is also one half of father / daughter noise-improv berserkers Yeah You who released on Alter, Slip, Opal, Psychik Dancehall and Good Food. She also performs in collaborations such as ‘Bad@Maths’ who also released on Slip, ‘INSIN’ who released their first E.P ‘Sadsun’ on Hizz, and unreleased projects such as ‘Gailvn Keiln’, ‘OCDC’ and ‘0n est Malade’.


Joe Hatt