GUO is a multidisciplinary duo formed of Daniel Blumberg and Seymour Wright.


The name ‘GUO’ itself is ancient Chinese for a metal vessel, or cooking pot, and the resulting work layers alto saxophone, electric guitar, feedback and metal distortion alongside the distinctly-voiced 'ekphrasis' response from a range of collaborators operating across different mediums.

On GUO4 (released on Mute in September 2019), the pair have collaborated with Crystabel Riley (drums), Fran Edgerley [Assemble] (text) and Peter Strickland (film). Strickland's film premiered at the 76th Venice Film Festival in 2019.

Previous releases have included ekphrasis by the English musician, author and professor, David Toop (GUO1) and the American filmmaker (Childhood of a Leader & VOX LUX) Brady Corbet (GUO2).

'Caustic, scratchy fire music' — The Wire

'Glorious slabs of noise' — Victor Schonfeld

'Untamed beauty' — Walton Ford


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