Lucy Railton

Emerging from a long-term engagement with contemporary music, Lucy Railton's recent work exists between modern instrumentalism, hard-edged electronic composition and expressive musique concrète.


'whip-smart sound design and classical chops lend an initial shock and awe effect to Paradise 94, a remarkably polished debut' — Resident Advisor

Having been a key protagonist in London's new music scene for 12 years, Railton released her debut album Paradise 94 on Modern Love in 2018. The record continues her investigations into the acoustic and synthesised capacities of her instrument, merging the cello with archival recordings that narrate an autobiographical journey through layers of musique concrète, sampled organ, euphoric synths, industrial noise and speech, constructing a moving mass of sound that morphs and restructures itself, in search of a vividness that traverses saturated and light-headed states.

As a cellist and curator Railton is committed to dismantling hierarchies, performing and programming canonical works alongside those of emerging and lesser-known composers. Her live performances find her original explorations of resonance, psychoacoustics, synthesis and microtonality sitting alongside works by the likes of Alvin Lucier, Iannis Xenakis and Morton Feldman. Her latest release RFG - Inventions for Cello and Computer is a collaboration with Peter Zinovieff and will be released on PAN later this year.


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