Matthew Herbert

Matthew Herbert is a celebrated British artist, producer, composer and experimentalist who has made music from the complete life of a single pig, a bomb exploding in Libya, an orgasm, a town in Poland, a nightclub full of people, 245 shops in a shopping centre and countless thousands of other noises.


Herbert sometimes uses these kinds of sounds in his scores for Oscar-winning films, award-winning tv shows, plays, radio shows, opera and games, and while touring the world both as a performer and DJ. Originally known for producing inventive and influential music for clubs, he holds a PhD in the study of power and meaning in post-concrète music, and has built a reputation for unpredictable, ambituous and celebratory live performances that craft arresting stage spectacle from his auditory obsessions.

2023 has seen the arrival of The Horse, one of Herbert's most extraordinary projects to date, as summoned to life in a singular live performance. Based around a full-size horse skeleton - which quickly transcends its status as a raw sound source to reveal different angles of inspiration - and working with the London Contemporary Orchestra alongside an expansive cast of players, sound designers and instrument makers, this is Herbert in full flight, restlessly curious and culminating in starkly original, ritualistic music loaded with intent.


John Stevens


World excl. North America